Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Day 50 October 20, 1939

While diplomacy continues between Finland and USSR, both countries’ armies mobilize. The Finns prepare proposals which they hope will placate USSR, although falling far short of the Soviet demands. Stalin, in contrast, is going through the motions of diplomacy only as a prelude to war. He hopes to acquire the Baltic republics and Finland to reestablish the pre-1918 Tsarist borders, which he now views as best providing security to Russia’s Northwest corner, with the twin goals of protecting Leningrad and preventing German access to launching points for a land attack. He intends to conquer Finland all the way to the Swedish border - and possibly beyond to take the valuable Swedish iron ore mines, only 50-70 miles the Finnish border. The Red Army begins assembling 450,000 men along the Finnish border.

Britain and France conclude a Treaty of Mutual Assistance with Turkey, designed to keep Turkey out of the war and prevent a repeat of WWI.

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  1. It is interesting to note that the Brits still considered the Turks a major player at this point. I see alot of potential for alternate history literature based upon this 'Treaty of Mutual Assistance'.