Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day 395 September 29, 1940

Battle of Britain Day 82. Mostly sunny with some clouds. After the large raids of the last 2 days, Luftwaffe activity is restricted to reconnaissance flights and attacks on shipping. However, at 4 PM, a large flight of German fighters sweeps across Kent to London and back but they are not engaged by RAF fighters. 2 German bombers and 1 fighter are shot down but RAF reports losing 5 fighters and 3 pilots killed. Overnight, London is heavily bombed again and Liverpool and towns in the Midlands are also attacked.

U-32’s spree with the ships dispersed from convoy OB-218 continues at 00.53 AM, when British steamer Bassa is sunk 350 miles West of Ireland. 49 crew and 1 gunner abandon ship but are never found.

Egypt, North Africa. The British wait for the expected Italian onslaught in their prepared defenses at the railhead in Mersa Matruh. The Italians, however, are content to fortify their gains with a line of 7 forts stretching 30 miles inland from Sidi Barrani, 70 miles from the British lines. Demonstrating the vulnerability of the Italian supply lines, Royal Navy ships from Alexandria shell the coast road from Libya and harass shipping at the Italian-held ports.

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