Friday, October 15, 2010

Day 412 October 16, 1940

Battle of Britain Day 99. Widespread fog over France and Germany severely limits operations during the day. There are some German patrols in the English Channel and single aircraft fly over Kent, the Thames Estuary, Liverpool, Swansea, Cardiff and Gloucester. There are limited engagements with 1 German aircraft damaged over Ashford, Kent, and 1 Hurricane lost (pilot is safe). British motor torpedo boat MTB-106 hits a mine and sinks near the Nore Light Vessel in the Thames Estuary. However, there is heavy overnight bombing of London and other targets in South Wales, Midlands Bristol, Liverpool, Birmingham and Perth (Scotland) are bombed until midnight. 2 German bombers crash of unknown causes around 7.30 PM, 1 near Bishops Stortford and another near Denbigh.

At 3.50 AM, U-124 sinks Canadian SS Trevisa 400 miles Northwest of Ireland (7 killed, 14 crew picked up by corvette HMS Bluebell and landed at Gourock, Scotland). British submarine HMS Tigris sinks tiny French trawler Cimcour with gunfire in the Bay of Biscay, 120 miles West of La Rochelle, France.

Aircraft from British carrier HMS Furious bomb oil storage tanks and a German seaplane base at Tromso, Norway, and also attack shipping.

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