Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 527 February 8, 1941

General O’Connor has plans for Operation Compass to push onwards to Tripoli, Libya, and drive Italian forces from North Africa. However, Hitler has already decided to provide assistance to his ally Mussolini. The first Afrikakorps troops sail for Tripoli from Naples, Italy, aboard German steamers Ankara, Arcturus & Alicante (escorted by Italian destroyer Turbine and 3 torpedo boats). They dock at Palermo, Sicily, for 2 days to avoid British Force H from Gibraltar which is at sea in the central Mediterranean (bound for Genoa).

Stalemate continues between Greeks and Italians in the deep mid-Winter of the mountains in Southern Albania.

Battle of Keren, Eritrea, East Africa. There is a lull in the fighting between Allied and Italian troops.

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