Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 604 April 26, 1941

Greece. With Germans advancing on Athens and Luftwaffe attacks on mainland evacuation beaches, most Allied troops have been sent across the Corinth Canal Bridge to evacuate from the safety of the Peloponnese peninsula. Just after dawn, German paratroops land on both sides of the bridge which is quickly blown up by Allied demolition charges (killing several German troops) but German engineers have a crossing operational by the end of the day. British 1st Armoured Brigade and New Zealand 4th Brigade are trapped on the mainland, turn around and march back to beaches South of Athens where 8300 are evacuated overnight. Another 12,950 men are evacuated from the Peloponnese peninsula. Destroyer HMS Defender evacuates the crown jewels of Yugoslavia. Luftwaffe relentlessly attacks the embarkation ports and ships at sea sinking Greek torpedo boat Kydonia and 3 steamers.

Libyan/Egyptian border. German troops attack British and Australian positions at Halfaya Pass. Allied troops hold the Pass all day but withdraw overnight to Buq Buq, Egypt. Possession of good defensive positions at Halfaya Pass allows Rommel to concentrate his forces for an attack on Tobruk.

Operation Tiger. British freighters Clan Chattan, Clan Campbell, Clan Lamont, Empire Song & New Zealand Star (carrying 295 tanks to General Wavell in Egypt) leave the Clyde escorted by battleship HMS Rodney, cruiser HMS Naiad and destroyers HMS Havelock, Hesperus & Harvester.

1st South African Brigade captures the town of Dessie, Ethiopia, 130 miles South of Amba Alagi, and takes 4000 Italian prisoners.

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