Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 619 May 11, 1941

Iraq. A British flying column of horses and armoured cars under Brigadier Kingstone (Kingcol) leaves Haifa, in British-held Palestine, heading East across 500 miles of desert to reinforce RAF Habbaniya, Iraq. The first 3 Luftwaffe aircraft arrive at Mosul from Greece, via airfields in Vichy French-held Syria.

Ethiopia. South African 1st Brigade finally reaches Amba Alagi, having fought up the road from the capital Addis Ababa in the South. The Italian mountain stronghold is now surrounded but they have laid in supplies and ammunition for a lengthy seige.

At 1.30 AM 750 miles Southwest of Sierra Leone, U-103 sinks British SS City of Shanghai with the last torpedo after tracking her for 16 hours (6 crew lost, 67 survivors taken to Freetown, Sierra Leone; Glasgow, Scotland or Pernambuco, Brazil).

RAF bombers attack Hamburg and Bremen again.

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