Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day 856 January 3, 1942

Rommel is so desperate for supplies that 4 Italian battleships, 5 cruisers, 19 destroyers and 5 torpedo boats escort convoy M.43 of 5 freighters and 1 tanker from Messina (Sicily), Brindisi and Taranto to Tripoli, Libya. They carry 1200 troops, 54 tanks, artillery, armored cars, 1000 tons of ammunition, 5400 tons of fuel.

Malaya. Japanese attempt another leap down the West coast of Malaya, sailing 45 miles South from Bernam River to Kuala Selangor (reusing their 40 motor launches and the 20 small boats from Penang), but Indian troops are waiting for them and repel the landings. On the East coast of Malaya, Japanese troops cross the Kuantan River forcing Indian 9th Division to withdraw South and leave the Kuantan airfield in Japanese hands. Colonel Arthur Cummings (Indian Army 12th Frontier Force Regiment) wins the VC for holding the rearguard overnight despite being bayoneted in the stomach and shot in the arm.

Luzon, Philippines. US and Filipino troops fall back to the hastily-organised Guagua-Porac defensive line, 15 miles from Bataan.

Australian 39th and 53rd Battalions arrive at Port Moseby, New Guinea, from Sydney. They join 49th Battalion to form 30th Infantry Brigade to defend New Guinea from the expected Japanese invasion.

In the Java Sea between Indonesia and Borneo, Japanese submarine I.158 sinks Dutch SS Langkoeas off Bawean Island. All 94 crew abandon ship, but I.158 rams 1 lifeboat and machineguns the others. Only 3 survivors reach Bawean Island and will be rescued by American destroyer USS Paul Jones.

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