Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Day 983 May 10, 1942

At 2.30 PM 1500 miles West of Australia, German armed merchant cruiser Thor stops Australian liner SS Nankin (carrying general cargo, 180 crew and 162 passengers, including 23 naval and military passengers and 38 women and children) with shellfire (2 crew killed). Nankin’s Captain abandons ship to prevent loss of life and attempts to scuttle by opening the sea cocks. Nankin is captured by a boarding party from Thor and renamed Leuthen.

US General Wainwright on Corregidor fears a Japanese massacre of his troops there, unless all US resistance in the Philippines ends. Under orders from Wainwright, US General Sharp surrenders all US and Filipino forces on Mindanao and elsewhere in the Philippines.

In the Gulf of Mexico 40 miles off Louisiana, U-506 torpedoes US tanker MV Aurora (1 killed, 49 survivors abandon ship in 2 boats and 3 rafts) which is towed to Algiers, Louisiana, and repaired. 300 miles off Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, U-333 sinks British SS Clan Skene (9 killed, 73 survivors picked up by US destroyer USS McKean and landed at San Juan, Puerto Rico). 35 miles off Nova Scotia, U-588 sinks British SS Kitty´s Brook (9 killed, 25 survivors make land at Lockeport, Nova Scotia).

Crimea, USSR. German 11th Army continues to advance against Soviet troops on the Kerch Peninsula. Luftwaffe aircraft sink Soviet vessel Chernomorets evacuating 500 wounded troops from the Crimea (all hands lost).

Mediterranean. British minelayer HMS Welshman, disguised as a French destroyer, arrives at Grand Harbour at Malta with RAF personnel and 240 tons of stores. HMS Welshman detonates 2 mines with her paravanes, sustaining some damage and returns to Gibraltar and then to Britain for repairs. In Operation MG2, British destroyers HMS Kipling, Jackal, Jervis and Lively leave Alexandria, Egypt, to intercept an Italian convoy to Benghazi.

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