Friday, June 22, 2012

Day 1027 June 23, 1942

Libya. Hitler allows Rommel to pursue British 8th Army’s withdrawal, entranced by the prospect of conquering Egypt and disrupting British oil supplies from the Middle East. German probing attacks run into British 7th Armoured Division at Sollum, in Egyptian territory. Hitler writes to Mussolini “the goddess of fortune in battle passes by her captains but once; he who does not seize her now may never overtake her”. This prose convinces Mussolini to cancel his pet project, the planned Italian invasion of Malta to support Rommel's advance. USAAF B-24D bombers of Halverson Provisional detachment (HALPRO) attack Benghazi. HALPRO is in Egypt, en route to China for bombing raids on Tokyo.

In the Gulf of Sirte, off the coast of Libya, British submarine HMS Thrasher sinks Rommel resupply ship, Italian merchant Sant Antonio. Italian torpedo boat Perseo mounts an ineffective counter attack.

Operation Pastorius. 2 German saboteurs (Kerling and Thiel, landed in Florida by U-584 on June 18) are arrested in New York City by FBI on information provided by traitor George Dasch.

In the Gulf of Mexico, 40 miles south of South Pass, Louisiana, U-67 torpedoes US tanker SS Rawleigh Warner which bursts into flames and sinks in 10 minutes (all 33 hands lost). 300 miles further South, U-158 sinks American SS Major General Henry Gibbins (all 47 crew and 21 US Army gunners survive).

Caribbean. 100 miles West of Aruba, U-68 sinks Panamanian tanker MV Arriaga (1 dead, 24 survivors). 200 miles East of Nicaragua, U-172 sinks tiny Columbian sailing boat Resolute with 2cm gunfire and hand grenades (6 dead, 4 survivors).

In the middle of the North Atlantic 540 miles West of the Azores, U-84 sinks Norwegian tanker SS Torvanger (4 dead and 33 survivors). 100 miles East of Grenada, U-128 sinks Norwegian tanker MV (0 dead, 38 survivors).

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