Friday, September 21, 2012

Day 1118 September 22, 1942

At 7.18 AM in the Arctic Ocean 50 miles West of Jan Mayen Island, U-435 fires 5 torpedoes at convoy QP-14 sinking American SS Bellingham (all 75 hands rescued), British SS Ocean Voice (all 89 hands rescued) and British fleet oiler RFA Grey Ranger (6 crew killed, 33 crew picked up by British rescue ship Rathlin).

At Stalingrad, the battle continues to a stalemate amid the rubble of the city stretched 15 miles along the West bank of the Volga River, except in the Taritsa River gorge (a Volga tributary) which is free of building debris. Germans make progress in the Taritsa gorge towards the landing zone where Soviets bring troops across from the East side of the Volga, threatening to cut the Soviet defenses in two.

In the Mediterranean 25 miles East of Sousse, Tunisia, British submarine HMS Unruffled sinks Italian merchant Leonardo Palomba.

In the middle of the Arabian Sea 880 miles West of Kochi, India, Japanese submarine I-29 sinks American freighter SS Paul Luckenbach (previously WWI-era USS Suwanee).

Australian destroyer HMAS Voyager leaves Darwin, Australia, carrying 400 commandos of Australian 2/4th Independent Company. The plan is to land the commandos on the Eastern end of Timor and evacuate the beleaguered 2/2nd Independent Company (who have been fighting a guerilla war against the Japanese) plus Portuguese women and children civilians.

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