Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day 294 June 20, 1940

While the Italian Army mass 32 divisions in 2 armies on the French border, the French sue for peace. However, Mussolini is determined to take French territory to bargain for colonies in North Africa.

Operation Ariel. 9,000 Polish soldiers are evacuated from Bayonne aboard the Polish ships Batory and Sobieksi.

U-30, U-38, U-48 & U-122 each sink 1 merchant vessel (carrying wheat, iron ore, coal and fuel oil) around the British Isles and in Bay of Biscay (61 lives lost and 68 survivors).

To provide a diversion for damaged battleship Scharnhorst to return to Keil for repairs, German battleship Gneisenau and cruiser Admiral Hipper depart Trondheim for operations near Iceland. 80 miles Northwest of Trondheim, Gneisenau is hit by a torpedo of the British submarine HMS Clyde and returns to Trondheim for repairs.

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