Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 304 June 30, 1940

300 miles West of Brest, France, U-65 & U-43 attack convoy SL-36. At 10.27 PM, U-43 sinks British SS Avelona Star carrying 5630 tons of frozen meat & 1000 tons of oranges (1 life lost). 84 survivors are picked up by British MV Beignon, which will be sunk within 6 hours. U-65 damages British SS Clan Ogilvy which is towed to Falmouth, arriving on July 4 (repaired and returned to service by October). In the same area, U-26 sinks Estonian SS Merkur (4 dead) and Norwegian MV Belmoira (all 25 crew survive).
U-47 sinks Greek SS Georgios Kyriakides carrying 7243 tons of sugar West of Ireland (all 30 crew survive).

Germans begin to occupy the Channel Islands, the only British territory they will conquer. 3 Germans land by plane on Guernsey and demand the surrender of the island from a local policeman. The Channel Islands are demilitarized and partially evacuated (since June 15), dismissed by British government as being of no military value to Germany.

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