Friday, August 6, 2010

Day 341 August 6, 1940

Battle of Britain Day 28. Another quiet day, with wind and low clouds deterring much flying. At 6.30 AM, Hurricanes of 85 Squadron intercept and shoot down a Dornier Do17 bomber reconnoitering a shipping convoy East of Lowestoft, Suffolk. However, 1 British pilot, H.W.A Britton of 17 Squadron, is killed when his Hurricane crashes on takeoff and catches fire. In a prelude to the coming Phase 2 of the battle, a German aircraft bombs the RAF station at Llandow, South Wales.

British submarine HMS Sealion is rammed by German antisubmarine vessel UJ-123, running at periscope depth attacking a convoy 20 miles off the South coast of Norway. Sealion with return to the Tyne August 15, undergoing repairs until October 23.

Operation Tube. British submarine HMS Pandora reaches Malta from Gibraltar with ground equipment and spare parts for the Hurricanes delivered by aircraft carrier HMS Argus August 2 in Operation Hurry.

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