Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 362 August 27, 1940

Battle of Britain Day 49. Clouds and heavy rain restrict Luftwaffe to reconnaissance flights during the day. 4 German bombers on reconnaissance missions are shot down (1 by anti-aircraft guns). RAF loses 1 Blenheim which crashes into the sea off Norway and 1 Hurricane which crashes into the sea on patrol over the English Channel. Overnight, there is widespread bombing of industrial targets and RAF airfields.

At 4.03 PM, U-28 Norwegian steamer Eva 200 miles Northwest of Ireland (1 killed). The crew escapes in the lifeboats and make land in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland, 3 days later. At 10 PM, U-46 hits British armed merchant cruiser HMS Dunvegan Castle with 3 torpedoes 75 miles Northwest of Ireland (27 killed). 250 crew are picked up by destroyer HMS Harvester & corvette HMS Primrose and landed in Scotland. Dunvegan Castle sinks the next day. At 10.31 PM 300 miles West of Ireland, U-37 sinks Greek steamer Theodoros T. (carrying maize from Argentina to Britain).

Off Madagascar, German armed merchant cruiser Pinguin stops British tanker British Commander at 4.18 AM and, shortly afterward, stops Norwegian steamer Morviken. Pinguin sinks both ships (both are in ballast with no cargo on board) and takes the crews prisoner.

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