Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 505 January 17, 1941

At 7.45 AM, 200 miles West of Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides, Scotland, U-96 attacks British liner SS Almeda Star with 4 torpedoes and the deck gun. 4 lifeboats are launched but 7 destroyers search the area and find no survivors. 137 crew, 29 gunners and 194 passengers are lost including 142 Fleet Air Arm personnel going to RNAS station at Piarco Airfield, Trinidad.

In the same area, Italian submarine Marcello approaches a convoy but is attacked by an escort destroyer with 5 depth charges (damaging the forward trim tank and causing Marcello to abort the mission and return to base) and U-106 sinks British MV Zealandic with 3 torpedoes (65 crew, 2 gunners and 6 passengers abandon ship in 3 lifeboats but are never found).

British corvette HMS Rhododendron is damaged on a mine in Liverpool Harbour (under repair for 3 months at Liverpool).

Luftwaffe Stukas bomb Malta again.

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