Friday, April 20, 2012

Day 964 April 21, 1942

At 0.30 AM 30 miles off Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, U-84 torpedoes Panamanian SS Chenango which sinks within 1 minute (30 killed). 2 men escape on a raft and are picked up by a US Coast Guard PBY Catalina flying 12 days later (1 man dies 2 days later, 1 Irish fireman survives). At 2.36 AM 500 miles East of North Carolina, U-201 sinks Norwegian SS Bris (5 dead, 21 survivors in 2 lifeboats rescued by American motor tanker Chester D. Swain on May 3 and by patrol vessel YT-132 on May 4). At 4.48 AM 175 miles East of Nantucket, U-752 sinks American SS West Imboden (all 35 hands rescued next day by US destroyer USS Bristol). At 6.54 PM 475 miles East of Virginia, U-576 sinks American SS Pipestone County (all 35 hands escape in 4 lifeboats and rescued after 3-17 days).

Germans murder 20 French civilians at St. Nazaire in retaliation for the British Commando raid on the dock there on March 28.

Mediterranean. At 3.36 PM 12 miles North of Crete, British submarine HMS Torbay sinks German vessel Delpa II in a gun duel. German coastal artillery shells HMS Torbay which dives and escapes, despite the attention of 2 German torpedo boats. British anti-submarine trawler HMT Jade is sunk by bombing at Grand Harbour, Malta.

Burma. Japanese continue moving North to threaten the Burma Road (the important Allied supply line from India to China). Japanese 18th Division overwhelms Chinese troops to capture Kyidaunggan, 140 miles South of Mandalay.

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