Thursday, April 26, 2012

Day 970 April 27, 1942

Timor. Australian Sparrow Force, having reestablished contact with the Australian mainland using a radio built out of recycled parts, is supplied by airdrop to continue guerrilla operations against Japanese forces in Portuguese Timor.

Darwin. Australia. Japanese bombers and fighters again attack the RAAF airfield (3 Japanese bombers and 4 fighters shot down, 4 USAAF P40 fighters shot down).

Overnight, 97 RAF bombers (76 Wellingtons, 19 Stirlings, 2 Halifaxes) inaccurately bomb Cologne, Germany (1,520 houses damaged, 11 civilians killed and 52 injured, 6 Wellingtons and 1 Halifax lost). RAF bombers (31 Halifaxes and 12 Lancasters) attack German battleship Tirpitz and other warships in Trondheimsfjord (no hits on Tirpitz but U-657 is damaged and 1 crew member is injured). 4 Halifaxes and 1 Lancaster are lost. Halifax W1048 (35 Squadron) lands on frozen Lake Hoklingen, Norway, but breaks through the ice and sinks after the crew escapes. W1048 will be raised in 1973 and displayed at the RAF Museum, Hendon, England. Baedeker Blitz; Luftwaffe switches focus from Southwest England and bombs Norwich on the East coast.

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