Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day 727 August 27, 1941

Ostfront. Germans begin final assault on the Estonian capital, Tallinn. Soviet “Red Banner” Baltic Fleet has permission to break out of the Baltic port with over 200 military and civilian vessels (including former Estonian and Latvian warships). Overnight, Soviet 10th Rifle Corps embark on troop transports to leave Tallinn (1000 killed by German bombing and shelling of the harbour).

Iran. The Shah of Iran, Rezā Shāh, appoints Mohammad Ali Foroughi as Prime Minister of Iran (replacing Ali Mansur). The new Iranian government immediately seeks an armistice, as Soviet troops advance on Tehran from the North and British troops seize oil fields and refineries in the South and West.

Between 01.25 and 04.26, U-557 sinks 4 steamers in convoy OS-4 300 miles West of Ireland. At 14.35, U-202 sinks tiny British trawler Ladylove near Iceland (all 14 hands lost). 80 miles South of Iceland, U-570 surfaces immediately below a British Hudson aircraft of 269 Squadron Coastal Command, which damages U-570 with depth charges. The submarine surrenders, is towed to Iceland and commissioned into the Royal Navy as HMS Graph on September 19.

The French resistance movement is born. Vice President Pierre Laval and a pro-German newspaper editor are shot and wounded near Versailles by French patriot Paul Colette. In response, Vichy government begins arresting and executing opponents, as “communists”.

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