Monday, August 29, 2011

Day 729 August 29, 1941

Soviet Baltic Fleet resumes the voyage through the Gulf of Finland from Tallinn to Kronstadt. The warships steam as fast as possible to Kronstadt near Leningrad while the slower vessels are again attacked by German bombers, sinking 2 troop transports. Only 1 bomb-damaged transport will reach Kronstadt, carrying 2700 troops after leaving 2300 on an island in the Gulf of Finland. A special salvage force of ships operating from the island of Suursaari will rescue 12,160 survivors from damaged vessels and Gulf islands (although a Soviet submarine covering this operation will be lost, presumably to mines).

Finnish troops recapture all territory in the Karelian Isthmus given up to USSR in the truce ending the Winter War (March 12, 1940) including their second city Viipuri. Despite German urging to push on towards Leningrad, Finns stop more or less at the old border.

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