Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 732 September 1, 1941

US Navy allocates battleships USS Idaho, USS Mississippi & USS New Mexico plus 2 cruisers and 13 destroyers to patrol the Denmark Strait, escorting Atlantic convoys with American merchants.

Operation Gauntlet (Allied destruction of coal mines on Norwegian island of Spitsbergen). Troopship RMS Empress Of Canada and escorts British cruiser HMS Nigeria & 3 destroyers return to Spitsbergen from Arkhangelsk, USSR (carrying 200 French escapees from German POW camps who traveled to Arkhangelsk). All Allied forces embark for UK plus 800 Spitsbergen inhabitants and 15 sled dogs. Operation Gauntlet was concluded with no casualties and the ships return to Scapa Flow after a 7,000 mile round trip.

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