Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Day 738 September 7, 1941

German motor torpedo boats S.48, S.49, S.50, S.52, S.107 attack a convoy off the coast of Norfolk, England, sinking British SS Duncarron (9 killed) and Norwegian SS Eikhaug (15 crew lost, 4survivors picked up).

50 miles West of Benghazi, Libya, British submarine HMS Thunderbolt sinks Italian SS Sirena in a convoy from Tripoli for Benghazi.

At 1.30 AM, British cruisers HMS Nigeria and HMS Aurora intercept a German convoy in the Hammerfjord in the far North of Norway, sinking German gunnery ship Bremse. HMS Nigeria's bow is damaged (either by ramming the Bremse or on a Soviet mine) and returns to Scapa Flow at only 8 knots. HMS Nigeria will be under repair at the Tyne shipyards until December 15. Nearby, Fairey Albacore aircraft from British carrier HMS Victorious (Operation EGV1) achieve little success against German shipping near Tromso, Norway.

Overnight, 200 RAF bombers attack Berlin for 4 hours. Flight Lieutenant Peter Stevens (a German Jew born Georg Franz Hein, flying in the RAF) crash-lands his damaged Handley Page Hampden bomber near Amsterdam. He is captured next day and spends the rest of the war in POW camps.

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