Friday, September 9, 2011

Day 741 September 10, 1941

100 miles East of Greenland, U-81, U-82, U-85, U-432 and U-652 attack convoy SC-42, sinking 6 merchant vessels (total 25000 tons) and damaging 2 more. At 11.30 PM en route to join convoy SC-42, Canadian corvettes HMCS Chambly and HMCS Moosejaw sink U-501 by depth charges and ramming (11 dead, 37 survivors. Canadian sailor William Brown who boarded the sinking submarine is also lost).

300 miles North of Brazil, U-111 sinks Dutch MV Marken (all 37 crew escape in lifeboats, are given food by U-111 and rescued on September 21 by a Spanish steamer).

Mediterranean. Off Sirte, Libya, British submarine HMS Thunderbolt sinks tiny Italian boat SS Svam I. Off Haifa, Palestine, Italian submarine Topazio sinks brand new British ferry Murefte en route from the Tyne shipyards to Istanbul, for delivery to the Government of Turkey (1 killed, survivors picked up by Egyptian SS Talodi).

In the Ukraine, Kleist's Panzergruppe 1 (from the South) and Guderian's Panzergruppe 2 (from the North) have both crossed the Dneiper River and are closing East of Kiev to encircle Soviet Southwestern Front (850,000 men).

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