Sunday, September 11, 2011

Day 742 September 11, 1941

America takes one more step closer to war. In response to German torpedo attack on USS Greer on September 4, President Roosevelt uses one of his fireside chats to announce that American warships will attack German or Italian submarines on sight.

Siege of Leningrad Day 4. German artillery batters the city daily at 8-9AM, 11-noon, 5-6PM and 8-10PM, to disrupt the schedule of normal life, but starvation and the coming winter are the main problems facing the population. Leningrad has livestock, grain, flour & fats for 30-40 days and sugar for 60 days. There is little firewood already cut & stored for heating. Some food, supplies and ammunition arrives across Lake Ladoga by boat until the lake freezes over in November.

Attack on convoy SC-42 continues, 100 miles East of Greenland. U-82, U-202, U-207, U-432 and U-433 sink 7 merchant vessels (total 29854 tons). British destroyers HMS Leamington and HMS Veteran sink U-207 (all 41 hands lost).

65 miles Southwest of Benghazi, Libya, British submarine HMS Thunderbolt sinks German SS Livorno in a convoy from Naples, Italy.

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