Saturday, December 24, 2011

Day 847 December 25, 1941

Hong Kong. Allied commanders realize their troops are isolated, without food and water. At 3.15 PM, British Governor of Hong Kong Sir Mark Young and Commander of British Forces in Hong Kong General Maltby agree to surrender. Sir Mark surrenders at the Japanese headquarters in the Peninsula Hong Kong hotel. River gunboat HMS Robin is scuttled to prevent capture. Allied casualties are 2113 killed, 2300 wounded and 12,000 taken prisoner, while Japanese lost 1,996 killed and 6,000 wounded.

Borneo. At 11.45 AM 70 miles Northwest of Kuching, Japanese submarine I 66 torpedoes Dutch submarine K-XVI (all 36 hands lost). At 4.40 PM, Japanese troops capture British airfield at Kuching, where they can bomb Singapore across the South China Sea.

Philippines. On Luzon, US troops retreat, delaying the Japanese advance. Marines demolish dock facilities, fuel and ammunition at Cavite Navy Yard. Submarine Sealion, damaged by bombing on December 10, is scuttled to prevent capture. Japanese land on the tiny Southern island of Jolo, with little resistance from the garrison of 300 Filipino constabulary.

Malaya. Allies withdraw to the town of Ipoh, 10 miles South along the main road from the previous positions on the Perak River.

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