Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Day 851 December 29, 1941

Eastern Front. From Leningrad in the North to Rostov in the South, German troops are assailed by brutal cold, lack of supplies and Red Army attacks. The only German offensive is in the Crimea where Manstein’s 11th Army continues to assault Sevastopol, using siege mortars and howitzers. At 3.50 AM, Soviet 51st Army begin landing 40,500 troops, 236 artillery pieces and 43 tanks at Feodosiya (Western end of Kerch peninsula, on the South coast); this threatens to trap German 46th Infantry Division defending against the earlier landings further East on Kerch peninsula, forcing Manstein to relieve pressure on Sevastopol. General Hans Graf von Sponeck immediately begins withdrawing 46th Infantry Division, abandoning most heavy equipment including artillery. In January 1942, Sponeck will be arrested and imprisoned for 6 years as an example for disobeying Hitler's ‘no retreat’ order.

Luzon, Philippines. Japanese Lingayen Force capture Cabanatuan City at the East end of D4 line and push on South towards Manila, but US and Filipino troops hold Tarlac City on the West of D4. 40 Japanese bombers drop 200 and 500 pound bombs on Corregidor Island, damaging much of the military preparations.

Borneo. British and Indian troops and civilians from Kuching reach Singkawang II airfield, garrisoned by 750 Dutch troops, on the West coast. British and Indian troops are placed under Dutch command to defend the airfield. All civilians are sent by road 70 miles further South to Pontianak, where they are evacuated by ship on the January 25, 1942.

Japanese bombers again attack Rangoon, Burma, destroying the railway station and wharves. Most inhabitants have already left the city.

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