Thursday, December 29, 2011

Day 852 December 30, 1941

On the West side of Malaya - Battle of Kampar. 8000 Japanese troops (9th Brigade, 5th Division under General Kawamura) approach Kampar defenses held by 1600 British and Indian troops (11th Indian Division under General Archibald Paris). Japanese begin probing attacks but cannot use their tanks on the jungle-covered mountains either side of the road or in the swamps West of Kampar. On the East coast, Indian 9th Division at Kuantan is distracted by warnings of an amphibious landing (which never comes) and Japanese troops coming overland from Kota Bharu overrun their defenses North of Kuantan River.

Luzon, Philippines. Japanese Lingayen Force captures Tarlac City, causing US and Filipino troops to retreat another 17 miles South to D5 line (Bamban to Sibul Springs, last defensive line North of Manila). Japanese 16th Division from Lamon Bay has now rounded the bottom of the massive lake Laguna De Bay and approaches Manila from the South.

Borneo. With Singkawang II airfield out of commission, 3 RAF Bristol Blenheims from Singapore drop containers with 900 pounds of food and ammunition for the British, Indian and Dutch defenders.

Eastern Front. Soviet troops capture Kaluga, 60 miles Northwest of Tula, precipitating a withdrawal by parts of German 4th Army.

Libya. Afrika Korps routs British 22nd Armored Brigade in the desert near El Haseiat. British lose 65 tanks (out of 100) against a force of only 30 German tanks.

Overnight, Japanese submarine I-1 surfaces and shells Hilo Bay, Big Island, Hawaii.

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