Thursday, March 15, 2012

Day 928 March 16, 1942

Overnight 145 miles Northeast of Antigua, Italian submarine Morosini sinks Dutch tanker MV Oscilla (4 killed, 51 survivors).

With the Soviet offensive stalling and the front stabilizing, it is apparent that the Red Army has failed to remove the German threat to Moscow. Sevastopol is still besieged and the siege of Leningrad is in its 190th day. Stalin begins pressing Britain and America to open a second front with an invasion of Western Europe.

Philippines. US submarine USS Permit delivers ammunition to Corregidor. With Japanese in control of Manila Bay, this is the only way to get supplies to US troops on Bataan.

At 6.24 PM 300 miles North of San Juan, Puerto Rico, U-504 sinks British SS Stangarth on her maiden voyage from New York carrying ammunition, trucks and aircraft parts to Bombay, India (all 46 hands lost). At 7.55 PM 10 miles off Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, U-332 sinks US tanker MV Australia (4 dead, 36 survivors picked up by American SS William J. Salman). At 11.17 PM 6 miles South of Cape Palmas, Liberia, West Africa, U-68 sinks British SS Baron Newlands (18 killed, 20 survivors).

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