Friday, March 16, 2012

Day 929 March 17, 1942

At 6.40 AM 15 miles South of Calabria, British submarine HMS Unbeaten sinks Italian submarine Guglielmotti (46 killed). HMS Unbeaten surfaces to rescue 12 survivors but is driven off by an Italian aircraft. The 12 survivors are later rescued by 3 motor torpedo boats which also drop 24 depth charges causing no damage.

Off the East coast of America. At 2.16 AM, U-404 sinks British SS San Demetrio (19 killed, 32 survivors picked up after 2 days by American merchant Beta). At 2.26 AM, U-124 sinks Honduran banana boat SS Ceiba (44 killed including wives and children of the crew, 6 survivors picked up two days later by US destroyer USS Hambleton). At 6.50 AM in fog, US aircraft carrier USS Wasp collides with US destroyer USS Stack (flooding the boiler room). USS Stack is repaired the Philadelphia Navy Yard. At 3.08 PM, U-373 sinks Greek SS Mount Lycabettus (all 30 hands lost). At 6.58 PM, U-71 sinks Norwegian tanker Ranja (all 34 hands lost).

5 miles West of Chichi Jima, Bonin Islands (600 miles South of Tokyo), US submarine USS Grayback sinks Japanese collier Ishikari Maru. In Tayabas Bay, South of Luzon, Philippines, 3 Japanese destroyers depth charge US submarine USS Permit (carrying 40 officers and men from Corregidor and 7 crewmen from motor torpedo boat PT 32 as passengers). USS Permit suffers minor damage.

Off the coast of Tabou West Africa, near the border of Liberia and Ivory Coast, U-68 sinks 3 British freighters; SS Ile de Batz at 6.35 AM (4 killed, 39 survivors make land at Cape Palmas, Liberia), MV Scottish Prince at 1.26 AM, the unescorted (1 dead, 38 survivors make land at Cape Palmas) and SS Allende at 9.03 PM (6 killed, 33 survivors in 2 lifeboats make land at Tabou, Ivory Coast, but are interned by the Vichy French).

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