Saturday, March 17, 2012

Day 930 March 18, 1942

Atlantic. Off Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, U-124 sinks Greek SS Kassandra Louloudis at 1.14 AM (all 35 survivors picked up by the US Coast Guard cutter USS Dione) and US tanker E.M. Clark at 8.27 AM (1 killed, 26 survivors in a lifeboat picked up by Venezuelan tanker Catatumbo, 14 survivors in another lifeboat picked up by US destroyer USS Dickerson).

Mediterranean. 2 miles off Brindisi, Italy, British submarine HMS Upholder sinks Italian submarine Tricheo which is traveling on the surface, breaks in 2 and sinks immediately (38 killed, the captain and 2 others survive).

Burma. Chinese Air Force 1st American Volunteer Group “Flying Tigers” fly 300 miles South from the British airfield at Magwe in Northern Burma to bomb the Japanese-held airfield at Moulmein (they claim 16 Japanese aircraft destroyed in the air and on the ground).


  1. I also have a WWII blog, from diaries, letters, and photos of my father, who was a young doctor in the South Pacific with an Evacuation Hospital. It is

  2. Dear WWII DR's Daughter,
    Thanks for the link to your fascinating site. It is an honour to have veteran's and their families from all sides reading this daily acoount.