Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day 182 February 29, 1940

Finns mount a fighting retreat as Red Army continues its offensive up Karelian Isthmus towards Viipuri. In addition, Soviets attempt to outflank Viipuri by crossing frozen Gulf of Finland. They come ashore 15 miles West of Viipuri but cannot reinforce the beachhead and are repelled by the Finns. However, Soviets capture Teikari Island.

Finns overrun East Lemetti Motti at 4 AM (3100 Soviet dead) capturing 5 field guns, 1 antitank gun, 71 tanks, 12 armored cars, 6 antiaircraft machineguns, 206 trucks & 70 machineguns.

Battle of the Atlantic. U-20 sinks Italian steamer SS Maria Rosa with 1 torpedo in the English Channel (12 dead, 17 survivors).

German steamers Heidelberg & Troja leave Aruba, Dutch Caribbean, after dark trying to evade Allied naval vessels. Troja is intercepted 10 miles out by British cruiser HMS Despatch. Following standing orders to prevent capture of merchant ships, Troja’s crew sets fires & abandons ship. Troja sinks next day.!4E8A7BFDA153F305!259.entry

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