Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day 203 March 21, 1940

The French the Chamber of Deputies elects Paul Reynaud as Prime Minister and he forms a new government.

At 1 AM, U-38 sinks neutral Danish MV Algier (from New York to Copenhagen, carrying 302 tons of copper, 228 tons of tin, 130 bottles of mercury and 11 Studebaker motor cars) 15 miles north of Shetland Islands (4 crew and 1 passenger lost). 18 survivors in a lifeboat are picked up by British trawler Manx King and landed at Scalloway. At 3.26 AM, Danish SS Christiansborg (carrying 4107 tons of maize from USA) is also torpedoed by U-38 but does not sink (1 dead). 24 survivors are rescued from stricken Christiansborg by British armed boarding vessel HMS Discovery II and taken to Kirkwall.

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