Friday, March 5, 2010

Day 188 March 6, 1940

In a propaganda disaster, Dutch submarines O9, 10 & 11 are filmed leaving Den Helder Naval Base when armored tug BV3 enters the harbor & collides with O11. A film cameraman & 26 crew escape as O11 sinks but 3 men die trapped in flooded forward torpedo room & battery room/crew's quarters. The incident is shown on newsreels.

Finland. Fighting continues South, East and West of Viipuri, including on frozen Viipuri Bay. Foreign Minister Tanner asks if the Allies offer of military assistance still stands. The Allies demand a formal request from Finland by March 12. In addition, Paasikivi leaves for Moscow in the evening, with the other peace delegates Prime Minister Risto Ryti, Rudolf Walden & Väinö Voionmaa, to negotiate an armistice with the Soviets.

Cruiser HMS Berwick intercepts and boards German freighter Uruguay northeast of Iceland. However, Uruguay’s crew sets her on fire so she is unsalvageable and Berwick sinks her with gunfire.

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