Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day 185 March 3, 1940

Churchill’s disinformation pays off. Luftwaffe bombs Southampton when liner Queen Elizabeth is due to arrive. Instead she is headed West to USA.

Finland. Soviet troops continue attacking across frozen Viipuri Bay. They reinforce the beachhead on the Western shore of the bay and take another island, Uuras. Finnish Commander-in-Chief dishonorably discharges General Wallenius who has failed to organize a defense of Viipuri Bay (he lost his nerve and remained drunk at HQ). He appoints Lieutenant-General Lennart Oesch to replace Wallenius in command of the Coastal Group to defend Viipuri from the ice.,_Leningrad_Oblast

Cruiser HMS York stops German steamer Arucas, 50 miles South of Iceland. The crew scuttles Arucas (3 lives lost). York rescues 39 survivors who will be landed at Kirkwall, Scotland on March 10.

U-29 lays mines in Bristol Channel; British steamer SS Cato hits one and sinks (13 lives lost). 2 survivors are rescued by minesweeper HMS Akita.

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