Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day 201 March 19, 1940

The British House of Commons debates ineffectual support for Finland in the Winter War. Chamberlain’s weak leadership is heavily criticized but he survives; however, French Prime Minister Daladier resigns after a vote of no confidence.

Overnight, 8 Armstrong Whitworth Whitleys of 10 Squadron No.4 Group RAF Bomber Command, carrying 1,500 lb mixed bomb loads, drop the first Allied bombs on Germany. They attack Hornum seaplane base, in response to German bombing of Home Fleet in Scapa Flow on March 16.

At 3 AM, destroyer HMS Jervis collides with Swedish steamer Tor northeast of Blyth. Jervis is extensively damaged (2 killed, 15 missing) and will be out of action until July 1940.

U-19 sinks two small, neutral Danish steamers in the Moray Firth, Scotland. At 10.21 PM, SS Minsk, 11 lives lost, 9 survivors picked up by British destroyer HMS Esk. At 10.37 PM, SS Charkow, all 20 hands lost.

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