Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day 326 July 22, 1940

Battle of Britain Day 13. Luftwaffe flies only reconnaissance missions and no convoys are attacked, despite good flying weather. Hurricanes of 145 Squadron shoot down a lone Dornier Do17 bomber off Selsey Bill. A Hurricane of 85 Squadron crashes approaching Castle Camps airfield killing the pilot. Overnight, numerous small German raids bomb coastal towns or lay mines off the East coast of England and Scotland (another Do17 is shot down).

British Foreign Minister Lord Halifax broadcasts a speech rebutting Hitler’s offer of peace in his Reichstag speech of July 19. “No one here wants the war to go on for a day longer than is necessary. But we shall not stop fighting until freedom, for ourselves and others, is secure.”

In Japan, General Hideki Tōjō is appointed Army Minister in Prime Minister Fumimaro Konoe’s new cabinet.

British submarine HMS Clyde fires 6 torpedoes at another British submarine HMS Truant, off Fejeosen, Norway. Fortunately, all torpedoes miss and neither sub is damaged.

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