Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day 329 July 25, 1940

Battle of Britain Day 16. Another fine day for flying. Waves of 20-40 German aircraft attack shipping and naval bases around Dover. Ju87s and motor torpedo boats attack 21 merchant vessels in Convoy CW8 in the Dover Strait, sinking steamers Corhaven, Polgrange (2 killed), Leo (6 killed), Henry Moon (1 dead) & Portslade. Germans lose 14 aircraft. RAF loses 4 Spitfires. Attacks on Portsmouth, Poole and Portland, on the South Coast, cost Luftwaffe 7 more aircraft (2 RAF fighters shot down).

After being torpedoed by HMS Clyde on June 20, German battleship Gneisenau is made seaworthy and departs Trondheim, Norway (to undergo further repairs at Kiel), escorted by cruiser Nurnberg and destroyers Galster, Lody, Jacobi, and Ihn. Torpedo boats Luchs, Jaguar, Kondor, Iltis and T.5 join the convoy overnight, near Stavanger.

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