Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 333 July 29, 1940

Battle of Britain Day 20. At 7.30 AM, 40 Stuka Ju87s bomb Dover Harbour escorted by 40 Messerschmitt Bf109s. Spitfires of 41 and 64 Squadrons and Hurricanes of 43 and 56 Squadrons attack, shooting down 8 Ju87s and 7 Bf109s. Anti-aircraft guns down 2 more Stukas. 2 Spitfires and 1 Hurricane are shot down. At 5 PM, Destroyer HMS Delight leaves Portland on the English South coast to patrol West coast of Britain, contravening new Navy orders banning sailing through the English Channel in daylight. At 6.30 PM, Delight is bombed by German aircraft from Cherbourg. A bomb penetrates the foredeck causing an explosion below deck (18 killed, 59 wounded) but Delight is able to steam back to Portland.

U-62 is on the surface 60 miles Southwest of Stavanger, Norway, when British submarine HMS Sealion fires 3 torpedoes, which miss, and then attacks with her deck gun. U-62 dives and escapes without damage.

At 2.15 AM, U-99 sinks British steamer Clan Menzies (6000 tons of fruit, wheat and grain, 1500 tons of zinc, 840 tons of general cargo) 80 miles West of Ireland (6 killed). 88 survivors take to the lifeboats and make land at Enniscrone, Ireland.

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