Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 331 July 27, 1940

Battle of Britain Day 18. 15 German dive bombers attack 6 minesweeping trawlers and escort destroyers in the English Channel 20 miles off Aldeburgh, East Anglia. Destroyer HMS Wren is holed below the waterline by several near misses and sinks (37 lives lost). HMS Montrose suffers damage to the hull, losing her bow, and is towed to Harwich. Germans also bomb the port of Dover sinking destroyer HMS Codrington, in dock for boiler cleaning (3 men wounded). Merchant convoys are also attacked in the English Channel. 2 German fighters and 1 Stuka are shot down. RAF loses a Spitfire and a Hurricane.

At 2.58 AM, 350 miles West of Scotland, U-34 attacks convoy OB-188 sinking British steamer Sambre and British tanker Thiara (25 killed). British destroyer HMS Winchelsea rescues all 48 of Sambre’s crew plus 36 survivors from Thiara, who will be landed at Liverpool.

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