Friday, February 5, 2010

Day 159 February 6, 1940

Finland. Soviet shelling of the Mannerheim Line fortifications continues on the Karelian Isthmus, but probing infantry and tank attacks are restricted to Summa village and Marjapellonmäki in the nearby Karhula sector (Hill 38). Further North, above Lake Ladoga, Finnish 9th division completes the encirclement Soviet 54th division and start cutting it into mottis.

Estonian steamer Anu hits a mine and sinks 30 miles East of its destination of Dundee, Scotland (en route from Gothenburg via Aberdeen). The captain, his wife and four crew drown and the cook later dies of burns. This minefield in the mouth of River Tay was laid on Dec 12 1939 by U-13 and also caused damage to British steamer SS City of Marseilles on Jan 6 1940 (1 life lost).

In Britain, the iconic "Careless Talk Costs Lives" slogan debuts, designed to prevent war gossip.

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