Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 164 February 11, 1940

With the Mannerheim Line weakening, Timoshenko opens his main attack. 9.30 – noon massive artillery barrage (heard 100 miles away), then 120,000 Soviet troops attack into the 12 mile Summa gap. 123rd division penetrates the Lähde sector and 245th Rifle Regiment under Colonel Rosly takes Fort Poppius at 1.30 PM by parking armored cars in front of the machinegun ports. Finns try to plug the gap but are cut down by Soviet tanks. Strangely, Soviets do not send in reinforcements to exploit this gap. Fighting goes on around Million Fort all night. http://www.mannerheim-line.com/summa/summa20000eng.jpg

North Sea. U-53 sinks Norwegian MV Snestad with 2 torpedoes (all 36 crew rescued by Norwegian tanker Albert L. Ellsworth) and damages British tanker MV Imperial Transport (2 lives lost). U-9 sinks Estonian SS Linda (1 dead). U-50 sinks Swedish SS Orania 65 miles (14 lives lost). 10 survivors are rescued the next day by HMS Faulknor. http://www.uboat.net/allies/merchants/ships/243.html

U-37 sinks British trawler Togimo off Milford Haven with the deck gun (1 dead).

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