Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 174 February 21, 1940

Hitler gives command of the invasion of Norway, now named Operation Weserübung, to Generalleutnant von Falkenhorst & demands a plan by 5 PM. Demonstrating the speed and flexibility of the German military, von Falkenhorst buys a Baedeker tourist guide to Norway. Working from maps in the book, he has draft operational plans ready for Hitler’s approval at 5.

At 3 AM, U-50 sinks Dutch SS Tara (carrying grain to Rotterdam) with 3 torpedoes 50 miles southwest of Cape Finisterre, Spain. The entire crew takes to the lifeboats. They either land on the Spanish coast or are picked up by Spanish trawler Milin.

At 6.09 PM, British steamer SS Loch Maddy is hit by U-57 and abandoned 25 miles southeast of Wick, Scotland (4 lives lost). She will be sunk by U-23 on 22 Feb. 35 survivors are picked up by destroyer HMS Diana and landed at Scapa Flow.

Finland. Finnish V-line on the Karelian Isthmus continues to crumble. Soviet forces penetrate towards Viipuri.

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