Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 170 February 17, 1940

Hitler learns of the Manstein plan. Protocol dictates that new corps commanders dine with the Führer. Hitler's aide-de-camp Colonel Schmundt arranges for Hitler to hear Von Manstein’s proposal. Hitler, searching for an alternative to Halder’s lame thrust into Belgium, is impressed and notes similarities with his own ideas.

Finland. The Finns are no match for Soviet tanks in the open snow and fall back to the V-line. The Soviet attack again grinds to a halt on prepared defensive positions.

Battle of the Atlantic. At 2 AM, U-10 sinks Norwegian SS Kvernaas off the Dutch coast. All 20 crew abandon ship in two lifeboats and are picked up by Dutch SS Oranjepolder.

At 4 PM, U-37 sinks British SS Pyrrhus 75 miles west of La Coruña, Spain (8 lives lost). 77 survivors are picked up by British merchants Uskside & Sinnington Court and landed at Gibraltar. http://www.uboat.net/allies/merchants/ships/263.html

At 8.36 PM, U-48 sinks Finnish SS Wilja south of Bishop Rock. All 27 crew are picked up by Dutch steamer Maasdam and taken to Havanna, Cuba.

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