Saturday, February 6, 2010

Day 160 February 7, 1940

With alarming lack of security, British and French newspapers publish Allied Supreme War Council’s decision to send aid to Finland. Naturally, this raises Finnish expectations of reinforcement, alarms Norway and Sweden (both reaffirm their neutrality) and further alerts Germany to threats to vital Swedish iron ore supplies. However, popular support for action to save Finland grows in Britain and especially France.

Finland. Red Army attacks the Summa gap for the 7th consecutive day. The daily artillery bombardment and tank/infantry attacks, followed by Finnish counterattacks, weakens the Mannerheim Line fortifications, exhausts the defenders and sucks in the Finnish reserves.

At 6 AM, Belfast-Liverpool ferry MV Munster (carrying general cargo, 45 crew, 190 passengers) hits a mine (laid Jan 6 by U-30) and sinks a few miles from Liverpool. Everyone on board is taken to Liverpool by British steamer SS Ringwall.

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