Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day 178 February 25, 1940

At 7.55 AM, British submarine HMS Narwhal (escorting convoy HN-14 from Bergen, Norway to Methil, Scotland) sights U-63 on the surface, which then dives to avoid attack. Destroyers HMS Escapade, Escort, Inglefield & Imogen hunt U-63 for 2 hours, eventually forcing U-63 to the surface with depth charges at 9.50. U-63 is scuttled 100 miles East of Wick, Scotland (1 life lost). 24 survivors are picked up by HMS Inglefield & Imogen and landed at Leith, Scotland on Feb 27. The crew members are taken prisoner and survive the war as POWs.

No. 110 Army Co-operation (Auxiliary) Squadron of the Royal Canadian Air Force, which departed Halifax, Nova Scotia on 15 February, arrives in Britain.

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