Sunday, October 2, 2011

Day 762 October 1, 1941

Siege of Leningrad Day 24. Finnish forces reach Petrozavodsk, the capital city of the Soviet Republic of Karelia on the Western shore of Lake Onega, further increasing the isolation of Leningrad.

Germans refocus their attention on the Soviet capital, Moscow (Operation Typhoon), after having isolated Leningrad and destroyed Soviet Southwestern Front around Kiev. They aim to take Moscow before the beginning of Winter, precipitating a Soviet collapse and surrender. The German attack includes 1,929,406 troops, 14,000 artillery guns and 1000 tanks plus 1390 aircraft. Guderian's Panzergruppe 2 is first off the mark, having participated in the encircling of Kiev. Panzergruppe 2 attacks Northwest towards Orel and Bryansk, reaching Sevsk.

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