Sunday, October 2, 2011

Day 763 October 2, 1941

German advance on Moscow (Operation Typhoon). At Sevsk 280 miles from Moscow, General Guderian splits Panzergruppe 2 into 2 pincers; one going North to Bryansk and one heading Northeast to Orel.

600 miles West of Ireland, U-94 repeatedly torpedoes British tanker SS San Florentino over 6 hours and finally sinks her at 5.52 AM (23 killed, 35 survivors picked up by Canadian corvette HMCS Mayflower). In the same area, U-575 sinks Dutch MV Tuva at 7.09 AM (1 killed, 34 survivors in 2 lifeboats and 2 rafts picked up by Canadian destroyer HMCS St. Croix).

At 6.52 AM 250 miles East of Iceland, U-562 sinks British catapult armed merchant Empire Wave (20 crew and 9 RAF personnel killed, 31 survivors picked up by Icelandic trawler Surprise).

British submarine HMS Perseus sinks German steamer Castellon (escorted by Italian torpedo boats Calliope and Pegaso in a convoy from Naples to Tripoli) 60 miles West of Benghazi, Libya.

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