Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day 768 October 7, 1941

Operation Typhoon. A day after encircling 3 Soviet Armies around Bryansk, German Panzers close the Vyasma pocket and trap an even larger number of Soviet troops. At 10.30 AM, 10th Panzer Division (Panzergruppe 4 advancing from the South) takes Vyasma and links up with 7th Panzer (Panzergruppe 3) North of the city. 5 Soviet Armies are surrounded (30 Divisions). About 250,000 Soviet troops will escape from the Bryansk and Vyasma pockets, 300,000 are killed and 700,000 become POWs.

At 4.17 PM 100 miles South of Iceland, U-502 torpedoes British whaling ship Svend Foyn, which does not sink and is towed to Liverpool for repairs (returning to service in May 1942). Svend Foyn will sink in March 1943 after hitting an iceberg off Greenland (195 lives lost, 152 rescued).

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