Monday, October 24, 2011

Day 787 October 26, 1941

Siege of Leningrad Day 49. Leningrad Front and Soviet 54th Army swap commanders. General Fedyuninsky, the better fighting general, moves from Leningrad to take command of 54th Army which is now defending against the German advance on the railhead at Tikhvin. General Mikhail Khozin is relieved of 54th Army to take charge in Leningrad (he is familiar with the area having commanded Leningrad Front in 1938).

Battle of convoy HG-75. At 3.54 AM, U-83 badly damages British fighter catapult ship HMS Ariguani with a torpedo (2 killed, survivors taken off by British corvette HMS Campion including those rescued 2 days ago from torpedoed steamer SS Carsbreck). HMS Ariguani will be towed to Gibraltar, decommissioned, repaired and returned to service as a merchant ship in January 1944. U-71 fires 4 torpedoes at an unidentified escort boat (all miss). The escort then counterattacks with depth charges for 7 hours, severely damaging U-71 which is forced to return to base.

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