Monday, October 17, 2011

Day 778 October 17, 1941

The attack on convoy SC-48 intensifies. U-432 and U-558 sink 3 freighters each (35760 tons total). US destroyer USS Kearny is torpedoed by U-568 (11 killed, 22 wounded) but does not sink (under repair until April 1942). British corvette HMS Gladiolus disappears during the night, probably sunk by U-553.

At 3.25 AM 50 miles West of Alexandria, Egypt, U-97 intercepts a small convoy carrying supplies to Tobruk. U-97 torpedoes Greek SS Samos (31 dead, 3 survivors rescued by antisubmarine whaler HMS Cocker) and British tanker Pass of Balmaha (carrying aviation fuel and petrol, goes up in a ball of flame killing all 16 crew and 4 gunners instantly).

Operation Typhoon. Although German and Soviet armor and infantry are evenly matched at Borodino, Soviet 5th Army is worn down by losses of men and tanks. All day and through the night, German SS Reich and 10th Panzer Divisions advance slowly along the 2 East-West roads that run parallel only 2 miles apart (Moscow Highway and Minsk Highway). Soviet 5th Army resists doggedly as they fall back towards Mozhaysk.

Operation Cultivate. Overnight, British cruiser HMS Latona and destroyers HMS Jackal, Havock & Nizam make the round trip overnight from Alexandria, returning on October 18.

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