Friday, April 2, 2010

Day 216 April 3, 1940

First Lord of the Admiralty Winston Churchill becomes chairman of the Military Coordinating Committee, giving him some oversight of the Army and RAF as well as naval matters.

Public statements by Churchill & Chamberlain and leaks in the British & French newspapers alert Norway to the likelihood of Allied operations in her waters. However, the Allies have lost the initiative, debating strategy at the cabinet level and bickering over priorities. In contrast, Hitler has no strategic allies or democratic processes to contend with. He plans for the invasion of Denmark & Norway to be swiftly followed by an offensive against France and the Low Countries; a devastating one-two punch.

Polish submarine OrzeĊ‚ (part of Royal Navy's 2nd Submarine Flotilla, under the command of Vice-Admiral Max Horton), leaves Rosyth to patrol the Norwegian coast off Kristiansand.

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